We have a range of Personal and Finance products on new motorcycles and we can help you choose your best option to make getting out on the road even more affordable.

You've dreamed about the thrill of riding a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle and you've chosen the bike to fulfill that dream. Now let us help you take to the road as simply and quickly as possible.

Packages can be tailored to suit your monthly budget enabling everyone to enjoy the true riding experience owning a Harley-Davidson®brings. Take home your dream bike with as low as 30% downpayment, with a maximum of 36 months to pay.


  1. Dully Filled Out and Signed Credit Application Form  
  2. 2 Valid ID (Gov't. issued, showing clear copy of picture & signature of Principal Borrower  
  3. 1 Valid ID (Gov't. issued, showing clear copy of picture & signature of Spouse/Co Borrower  
  4. Special Power of Attorney ( Spouse or co-maker not available )  
  5. Last three (3) months Bank Statement and Bank Certification  
  6. Affidavit if Separation/ Annulment Papers  
  7. TIN No.  
  8. Latest   (not older than 2 months ) proof of Billing for Business and Residence ( e.g. electricity /water/cable/ etc. )  
  9. Latest ITR  
  10. Original Certificate of Employment  
  11. Proof of Remittances  
  12. Marriage Contract  
  13. Sketch of Residence  

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