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Battery Care Tips

Care and maintenance of your battery tips:

1. Maintain your battery above 12.5 volts.
2. Make the battery charging harness a must-have with every vehicle. The charge harness (Part Number 66000005) with light emitting diode (LED) indicators notifies you if your battery needs tending. This is a great investment towards maintaining your battery.
3. Make sure a Harley-Davidson approved battery tender or charger is used if you won’t be riding your bike for three weeks or more. Please consult your local Authorized Harley-Davidson® dealer for the right battery tender and installation for your needs. Please keep in mind on 2014 and later Touring models the battery tender leads are inoperable if the main fuse is pulled.
4. Check your owner’s manual for transport mode if your motorcycle is going to be transported by a trailer for any long distance.
5. Maintenance for your new vehicle is simple – ask your Service Department or Technician for care instructions

For more information, you may contact:
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